CARTER'S After-School program

We are happy to provide an after-school program that is a first of its kind in the area (now in our 16th school year - shuttling from Centennial, Kennedy, Bennett, Eagles, Ed Clapp, and Discovery schools)!

The program runs Mon-Fri / 3:00-5:40.
Students are bussed from school to the gym @ First Assembly, where they have free time until 4:00, TaeKwonDo class from 4:00-4:45, and a supervised study period from 4:30-5:40. Pickup is anytime before 5:40.

Tuition for the After-School program
- $80/ week
- $70/ week for 4 weeks paid
- $60/ week for 12 weeks paid

Daily Rate
- $25/ Day
- $22/ Day for 4 weeks paid
- $19/ Day for 12 weeks paid

Call or email for an application.



"Our son thoroughly enjoys this program. We are comforted by his happiness and appreciate the discipline provided by the martial arts program."
(CBO @ Aldevron)

"The benefits of joining Carter's after-school program versus daycare have been wonderful. Our boys can release their energy in a positive, controlled, and stimulating way while learning martial arts."
(Principal - Ben Franklin Middle School)

"Carter's program has been great for our son and daughter; it promotes self confidence, personal discipline, mentoring and it's a fun way for them to stay in shape!"
(Project Team Leader - Noridian Mutual Insurance)

"I love Carter's program because it gives my kids something constructive to do after school while I finish a whole day at work. When I pick them up I know they have had an hour of aerobic & strength building exercise, which they wouldn't normally get during the winter."
(Worship Pastor - Prairie View Church)